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In the News: Trayland Sullivan's Cover Photo

Records show Trayland Sullivan of Adams County was taken into custody on January 25, 2023 by officials in Ohio
In the News: Dale Adams's Cover Photo

According to the official March 26, 2018 police report, Dale Adams appears to have been taken into custody March 26, 2018
In the News: Christopher Zedekar's Cover Photo

Records indicate that Christopher Zedekar, 31, was busted September 23, 2017 for a driving-related offense in Delaware County
In the News: Andrew Wright's Cover Photo

Records from the Delaware County Sheriff's Office show that Andrew Wright, of Delaware County, was taken into custody September 23, 2017 on multiple counts in Ohio
In the News: Earnest Ramey's Cover Photo

Delaware County, Ohio officials have released the name of the suspect from the encounter on September 23, 2017
In the News: David Eyestone's Cover Photo

Officials in Delaware County busted David Eyestone on September 23, 2017 for DUI, based on data analyzed by Buckeye Daily News
In the News: Randy Knight's Cover Photo

Randy Knight was jailed September 23, 2017 for violating conditions of probation, according to records
In the News: Andrew Frazier's Cover Photo

Facts you haven't heard about the Mercer County September 23, 2017 police stop: watch the new episode of Buckeye Daily News Sheriff's Department Facts
In the News: Lonnie Lundy's Cover Photo

Will the Mercer County, Ohio encounter with police on September 23, 2017 be Lonnie Lundy's last?
In the News: Curtis Bing's Cover Photo

Curtis Bing was jailed September 23, 2017 on unclassified charges, according to records

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